11 - 29 December 2023

Get your children moving!

Fun & engaging winter camp for children at Odyssey
  • 3 weeks of outdoors fun & engaging activities
  • Open for children until 6 years old
Give Your Child The Best Winter Camp Experience At Odyssey

Join the Bootcamp Fun

Let's get active, running and learning!

How does it work?

Choose the best formula
Flexible Days
Whether 2, 3 or 5 days a week, select the option that works for you and your child best!

Flexible Weeks
In the UAE the entire winter break? Or only for 1 week out of 3? No problem. Select the weeks you want your child to attend.

Flexible Timings
You can pick up your child at the regular nursery timings we offer, whether it is early afternoon or end of day.

What to expect?

Every day filled with fun
Enjoy the Outdoors
Bootcamp type of activities to get them moving and improve their motor skills while having fun!

Educational activities
Children will learn effortlessly as we dive into the history of sports amongst other subjects!

The more the merrier
Instill a sense of camaraderie and collaboration with group activities!

Don’t miss out... Limited space available!

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