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Abu Dhabi News & Events

Curriculum Night

Come and meet your child's teachers, nursery and get to know: - Leela's lunches representatives - Our physician Dr. Lina - Brighton College representatives and many more surprises!!! See you!

Summer Camp

If you’re looking for a fun adventure for your little one this summer, then look no further than Odyssey Nursery’s Wildest Adventure summer camp in Khalifa City! We have a fun-packed camp especially created to keep your children amused at all times

Each week, a new theme is used, designed for your child’s education and entertainment. On the first week of camp, the theme will be Little Picassos; the second week is all about culinary creations; the third week is designed for the animal lovers. The rest of the summer camp also has unique themes ready for your child to enjoy!

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A Very Green Fashion Show at Odyssey Abu Dhabi

Join us on June 5th as we celebrate International Environment Day with all the children, staff and parents! The entire month of June will be about recycling and environmentally-friendly behavior; and at the end, we’re having a fashion show!

Help your little one design an outfit made entirely of recycled materials and you could win exciting prizes!

6 Reasons Why Odyssey Nursery is Special

Not only do we make sure our environment is warm and friendly, our facilities are unique in that they allow kids to reach their full potential. Our program is especially made to build your little one’s confidence and improve their cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.

Most importantly, we involve parents in every step of the way!
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Spring Camp

Spring break is right around the corner, and you’ve got to work. Don’t worry! We’ve organized one the coolest camps where you can send CHILDREN 
Off for TWO full weeks - March 25 to April 5 Mix in some activity, a handful of imagination, and a pinch of social interaction, and what you get is a ton of fun for kids. Kids activities at ODYSSEY NURSERY KHALIFA are designed to exercise a child's body and mind to help them establish a strong foundation for a healthy life.

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Mother’s Day Celebration

Dear Mothers, aunts, grandmas, caretakers, Odyssey Nursery Khalifa is privileged to host “Mother’s Day Celebrations Afternoon Tea” on Wednesday, March 21, from 3:300 until 5:00 pm. Come and enjoy musical performances, DJ and Oud instrumental playing.

Looking forward to seeing you there, and happy Mother’s Day!

Who Broke the Chair?

A crime scene was set up in Pebbles 2 classroom: someone broke the chair! Who was it? The little detectives spent the day trying to discover who it was.

Healthy Eaters Week

This week was all about learning to eat and live healthy. Our little ones got very creative with their fruits and veggies by using them to make smiley faces and other crafts! They also created their favorite fruits with clay and had their faces painted with the veggie of their choice!

They also learned the importance of washing their produce before eating them and why fruits and vegetables are so important for their health. It was a fun and educational week for the children of Odyssey Khalifa City!

Rainbow Day

It is true that our children speak 3 languages but they work together in one: the language of laughter and play!

On Rainbow Day, the little ones experimented with all the colors of the rainbow using lights and paint. Each child was able to get as creative as they want using their favorite colors and a wall to draw on. They could also draw on an empty canvas, make shapes with some play do, and explore the colors with anything they want! This is the beauty of learning through play.

The New Standard in Health and Hygiene

All KFG Nurseries and staff are SCC Certified to create the healthiest, safest and most hygienic environment so that your child can flourish and learning, giving you peace of mind. This was achieved in collaboration with Boecker, with which our nursery and staff have completed a full thorough sanitation, hygiene and safety SCC program.

This program includes:

  • Health and safety. To ensure the safest environment, Boecker covers not only general safety notions, but also sleeping conditions, disciplinary measures and proper handling of the child, transportation means, visitor’s policy, first aid kit inspections and regulations, and proper medication administration.
  • Food safety. To decrease food poisoning, we are trained in storage, temperature control, hygienic behavior during serving and baby bottle preparation.
  • Infection control. To decrease the risk of sickness and outbreaks, we are experts in personal hygiene for staff and children, diapering and sanitation.

The SCC is a year-round control program assured by the CIEH-UK, and tailored to safeguard children’s’ physical, educational and emotional wellbeing. The program ensures detailed audits, training of staff members, disinfecting treatments to control germs and awareness sessions for parents.