1 July – 30 August

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Let your child learn while having fun this summer at Odyssey

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Fun & Educational Programme (3 months to 6 years)

Keep your child engaged this summer at Odyssey
Get ready for a summer experience like no other! Our program is more than just fun—it's your gateway to a lifetime of learning. This season, our campers will dive into a mix of exciting adventures and crucial social skills development.

Keep reading to discover the incredible activities we've planned for the next eight weeks!

Tropical Island Adventures
Fun and Festivities
Let your child embark on a lively tropical adventure filled with dancing, food, and vibrant celebrations.
  • Making juices & tropical snacks
  • Dancing to lively songs
  • Hawaiian outfits
  • Big island themed-fiestas
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Ocean Exploration
Dive into Science and Creativity
Spark your child's curiosity and creativity with a series of exciting ocean-themed activities that combine learning and play.
  • Discover which objects sink or float in water
  • Messy Play with play dough, sand and art projects
  • Tropical themed crafts
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Give your child an amazing experience at Odyssey

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See below how the programme works
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Choose the best formula

How does it work?

  • Whether 2, 3 or 5 days a week, select the option that works for you and your child best!
  • In the UAE the entire summer break? Or only for 1 week? No problem. Select the weeks you want your child to attend.
  • You can pick up your child at the regular nursery timings we offer, whether it is early afternoon or end of day.
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Every day filled with fun

What to expect?

  • Our playground is ideal to get them moving and improve their motor skills while having fun!
  • Instill a sense of camaraderie and collaboration with group activities!
  • Children will learn effortlessly as we dive into fascinating topics everyday
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Our specialised environments are designed for learning through exploration

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