Natural Environments Designed
For Self-Discovery And Social Play
Your child develops faster when exploring new things. At Odyssey, we maximise children’s development by providing natural, safe environments which they can explore and interact with.

By allowing every child to play as they want, we nurture their free thinking while cultivating vital social skills like empathy and the ability to relate to others. Children in these environments quickly gain the ability to navigate their world, setting them up for success later in life.

Natural Settings
For Child-Directed Play
Our specifically crafted environments allow every child the freedom to play as they want, nurturing their creativity and free thinking. Odyssey children grow into the best version of themselves.
Our classrooms

We focus on building children’s cognitive, social, language, and creative skills with small sized classrooms tailored to their unique learning skills.

Playing Fields

Our playing fields are designed for open-ended discovery and problem-solving. At Odyssey, children gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Play areas

To cultivate creativity and free thinking, our unique playgrounds use elements found in nature for children to use to create imaginative play.

Performing arts

We encourage children to develop their sense of self and explore their own emotions through artistic forms such as role play, theatre, and dance.

Gym & sports

Through physical activities, we ensure your child’s well being. Sports provide opportunities to enrich children’s lives, making them more satisfying and fulfilling.

Music Room

By following children’s ideas, we use the beauty of music to create fun and creative moments that will stimulate their brains. This allows for rapid development and growth.

Art Room

Through arts, we provide children with a unique experience of self-exploration. Children learn to communicate in different ways such as drawing and painting.


By cultivating a love for learning, Odyssey children get ahead in their academic skills. It really isn’t a surprise that they are regularly admitted to the best schools later in life.

Media Centre

Children are often over-stimulated by fast-paced media. We encourage your child to engage with media in a more balanced way, as a supplement to physical learning.

The Joy Of Childhood Comes From Learning
& Discovering What You’re Capable Of
Beyond All Safety Protocols
Qualified Lead Nurse Available 24/7
We make sure to have a qualified Lead Nurse at all times ready to act in case of accidents and emergencies.
At Odyssey, we ensure children feel safe to explore the world around them. This desire to probe and seek novelty, supported by all our safety protocols, gives every child the opportunity to push the boundaries of their development and thus, nurture their creativity and free thinking.
Two little girls reading books in a classroom.
Healthy Mind & Body
Planned Meals To Develop Good Habits
At Odyssey, you have the option of onsite catering for your child. We also accommodate many dietary requirements.
Mealtimes can be a daily challenge for some parents. To help with this, we have healthy meals available onsite for your child.

Our specially designed meal plans support focus and learning. The children eat together, learning from one another to be interested in food and supporting good eating habits later in life.

Two young girls cooking in an outdoor kitchen.
Life After Nursery
Find Placement In The World’s Best Schools
Our approach to early education ensures children are already reading & doing foundational maths as they’re ready to enter school.
It’s no surprise Odyssey children get ahead and enroll in the best schools after nursery. Our child-directed learning methodology gives children the fundamental academic skills they need and the vital social savvy abilities to become successful later in life.
A young boy looking through a magnifying glass in a classroom.
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