Summer Camp

Pets & Me - A Reggio Encounter!

Build your children’s understanding of the world through Reggio Emilia project-based inquiry learning, role-play and exploration.

Nurture their natural curiosity and sense of empathy in an organic, creative and safe Reggio environment.

Give your children the best summer camp experience!
4th July to 31st August 2022

Dubai:  Umm Suqiem 2- 056 520 3448  |  Burj- 056 520 3449|  Living Legends- 056 422 6613|  Abu Dhabi: Khalifa City A- 056 484 5510|  Mushrif- 0564226614

Kindergarten programs near you

Odyssey Nursery is amongst the top preschools in Dubai and now also recognized as one of top preschools in Abu Dhabi. Often identified as “the French nursery in Umm Suqeim” and “the French nursery in Khalifa City A”, we are in fact one of the most sought after trilingual nurseries in the UAE. Offering learning in French, English and Arabic.

Odyssey Nursery in Dubai is conveniently located in Umm Suqeim 2 Dubai, where we are a popular choice for families living in Jumeirah, Al Safa (close to Safa Park) and Umm Suqeim. We have a newly opened branch in Umm Al Sheif Dubai (near FAB metro).

Odyssey Nursery in Abu Dhabi is situated in Khalifa City A, making it a convenience and quality choice for families living in and around the neighborhood.

Top rated daycare and nursery for trilingual learning

There are many benefits associated with being trilingual or fluent in more than two languages. At Odyssey Nursery, we believe in exposing children to two to three languages from a young age.

We offer this rich linguistic experience through our toddler’s nurseries that provide kindergarten programs as well as full time and weekend daycare.

There are two sections within our nurseries for children aged 18 months plus. Depending on the language you would like your child to acquire or reinforce, you may choose between the following:

French Section:

French is the focus, children play mostly in the French class. Children commute to the English section. The children also have an Arabic class every other day.

However, in the nursery in Abu Dhabi, children are involved in their classrooms and all other languages come into their initial room.

English Section:

The main language is English inside the English classroom. Children commute to the French section every day and have an Arabic class every other day. 

However, in the nursery in Abu Dhabi, children are involved in their classrooms and all other languages come into their initial room.

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our formula for all-round development


Our Curriculum

At Odyssey Nursery in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, our strong focus is on trilingual learning. Know more about our curriculum here.

Early Education Curriculum

We structure our early childhood education curriculum around five key elements of development to ensure the growth of the whole child. They are:

  Domain 1: Physical Health, Well-being and Motor Development

  Sub-domains: Motor Development, Physical Development, Health & Personal Care and Safety


  Domain 2: Social and Emotional Development

  Sub-domains: Social Development and Emotional Development


  Domain 3: Approaches toward Learning

  Sub-domains: Learning Approaches


  Domain 4: Cognition and General Knowledge

  Sub-domains: Logic and Reasoning, Mathematics and Numeracy, Science, Social Studies, Family, Community & Culture and Creative Arts


  Domain 5: Language, Communication and Literacy

  Sub-domains: Language, Communication, Literacy, English Language Learners


What We Do

The work that we do here at Odyssey Nursery is a passion…a passion that no school can teach and no curriculum can cover… A passion that is required and essential in the world of education, especially for the early years of our children.

That is who we are: a team with a passion for the world of early childhood, a team who believes that the future of tomorrow’s adults starts at birth!

Searching for an English-Arab-French nursery in Abu Dhabi or Dubai?

If you are a parent looking for the best nursery in Abu Dhabi please visit our nursery in Khalifa City A. Parents in Dubai are invited to visit our nursery in Dubai. We look forward to meet you and take you through our trilingual system, based on a love of learning and speaking different languages.