Allow your CHILDto travel with us this Winter!

Reggio Winter Expo 2021

Let us take your child around the world as we transform Odyssey Nurseries into Reggio Winter Expo from 12th to 30th December 2021. Experience 3-weeks of the expo-themed Reggio activities that will keep your children engaged and learn through play.
12th to 30th December 2021

Dubai:  Umm Suqiem 2- 056 520 3448  |  Burj- 056 520 3449|  Living Legends- 056 422 6613|  Abu Dhabi: Khalifa City A- 056 484 5510|  Mushrif- 0564226614

Trilingual Nursery

There are many developmental benefits to learning multiple languages at an early age, such as improved executive functioning skills, the ability to think flexibly, demonstrate self-control, focus attention, and tune out distractions. Research has found that bilingual children have better working memory than children who speak only one language. 

Children learning a second language or two languages simultaneously will often “code switch” or use both languages in the same sentence. It is not evidence of a problem in the language-learning process. Instead, this shows that children understand the grammatical rules of both languages. Children typically use this strategy to clarify their meaning in a grammatically correct manner.

Odyssey Nursery Dubai and Odyssey Nursery Abu Dhabi are currently offering French and Arabic as a second language in classrooms with English as a main language, as well as only French language classrooms. Since our French classrooms have been very successful and popular, we have decided to offer also Spanish language in Odyssey Nursery Burj. UAE is a country where people from all around the world meet, and knowing more than one language will help help children to become a successful member of any community.